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SAP Consulting Services

It is unfortunate truth that not every implementation takes full advantage of the capabilities available in the SAP system. We assist organizations to improve inefficient business processes, as these could be the weakest link in your Value Chain…

BPM Services

Every organization needs a BPM system which reflects a flight plan, created by its SME’s before it.

SAP Documentation Services

My most recent project involved an oil services (make to order (MTO) engineering organization. This organization was initiating a new project of upgrading documentation and training materials…

Our Major Services

SAPHandyManServices – 40 years experience in the profession of information technology, including 30 years of SAP techno-functional consultancy, and ready to write the next chapter in consulting services…

ebSixOne is an experienced-based innovative “Enterprise Basics + BPM” solution designed to support your organizational business process management needs…

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