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ebSixOne-(SaaS) BPM software - a software consulting firm also the name of its software, focused on demystifying the BPM technology, as well as provide consulting and staff augmentation services worldwide. I have deep expertise in this area and have made tremendous investments over the years, most in the development of the incredibly impressive product to meet the needs of every organization. It could have a tremendous impact on improving workforce process knowledge base, help increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The BPM has an enormous market opportunity, that can produce outsized returns. BPM is the Heartbeat of an enterprise, and ebSixOne® design offers an integrated heart of the organization that every company needs.


Through many years of experience, I believe that the future of the BPM does not lie in the multiple tools that are available today. I had a great idea with the passion and determination to make it happen and felt that enterprises need a single BPM tool that is educational, innovative, simplified and provides an interface to the backend ERP system such as SAP.  So far, the system design is complete and a working proof of concept (POC) already deployed on Microsoft Azure public cloud computing platform. It is an unfinished project and still added and developed several task items that a team is currently working on. It is pilot POC to demonstrates the purpose and verify theories that have the potential for real-world application.

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ebSixOne benefits - most organizations suffered from lack of an integrated Business Process Management (BPM) software that does not capture its organizational “Value Chain” which is the Business “DNA”, and could not help the organization improve its processes and save millions in lost revenue and profitability. 

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Freelance Services

SAPHandyManServices – Freelance portal designed for independent consultants. During my lifelong career, I have experienced how organizations suffer from lack of experienced consultants and end up with process gaps, pain points. Corporates want a flexible service, have direct access, and authority over the consultant, also responsibility for the outcome of deliverables. At the same time consultants wants to serve independently, have their own consultancy, be their own boss, provide solution without the need for a big team and a big budget..

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What can ebSixOne do?

EnterpriseBasics (ebSixOne) –  we have experienced that organizations spend millions of dollars in the implementations of ERP systems. In the hope to help improve and standardize processes, also making its operations more efficient and productive, yet most organizations end up with business process “Gaps” and “Pain-Points” and require millions more once the system is operating live. 

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Efficiency and Productivity.

The objectives here is to provide a BPM portal, and staff augmentation services to organizations. The world doesn't need one more BPM, but a system that reflects an organizational "Value Chain," which is the business "DNA" of an organization, increases workforce knowledge, easy to use, eliminates business process "Gaps" and "Pain Points" and accelerates implementation. BPM system that helps to make processes more efficient and productive.